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If you want to join the CCIAG, please send an email to Tom Sikora.

Membership Requirements

  • Only corporate counsels are entitled to becoming members of the CCIAG. CCIAG members are members on an individual basis. The companies or entities for which they work may not be members of the CCIAG. As the CCIAG intends to keep its members as equal as possible, there can only be a maximum of five members from one single company or entity or group of companies.
  • Former corporate counsels who have either retired or changed profession but who have not become advocates are allowed, if they so wish, to become honorary members of the CCIAG.
  • Former corporate counsels who have become advocates may only join the CCIAG upon request and after a decision of the CCIAG Steering Committee.
  • Honorary members have no voting right at general assemblies.

Cost of Membership

Membership is currently free of charge.