CCIAG working groups

The Steering Committee organizes working groups of corporate counsels on a regular basis. With its strong user base, the CCIAG sets up or participates in surveys and studies on user behaviour and user reaction to current practices in international arbitration and dispute resolution.

The CCIAG working groups form a laboratory of user behaviour and a think tank for the optimization of the management of disputes.

Since 2009 a number of working groups have been working on various topics such as the causes of delays in procedures and the inflation of costs, the availability and the performance of arbitrators, discovery, investor state arbitration…

So far, the results have have been used internally within the CCIAG. However, with the objective of updating the results and comparing user behaviours from 2009-2010 with current user behaviours, the CCIAG is making its 2009 Report on Discovery available here.

For the coming year, the CCIAG is initiating a new round of studies, which will be made available to a broader audience through our website.

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