The Corporate Counsel International Arbitration Group (CCIAG) was registered in 2009 in order to provide a focal point for discussion among corporate counsels actively involved in international arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. The current membership is comprised of corporate counsels from more than 90 multinational companies. The CCIAG is a non-profit organization and has no connections with any law firm or arbitral institution.

Our Purpose

As a group of international arbitration users, our main objective is to ensure that the users’ needs are heard by the actors of international arbitration. We believe that international arbitration should provide its users with robust, flexible, timely and cost effective procedures for the resolution of international disputes. Therefore, we also believe that users themselves need to be more involved in the decision-making process related to arbitration, and take more responsibility for the key strategic decisions made before, as well as during, the arbitral proceedings. Thus, the CCIAG aims not only at monitoring and rethinking international arbitration, but more broadly it strives for a greater systematization of conflict management, all to the users’ best interest.

With the CCIAG, corporate counsels can benefit from a large international network of practitioners. They can share their experience, exchange and discuss their concerns regarding arbitral procedures, and seek advice from their pairs on how to optimize the management of international disputes.

As an interface for corporate counsels, the purpose of the CCIAG is to analyze the concerns and recommendations of in-house counsels, and to bring them to the attention of the international arbitration community through publication of articles, direct communication with arbitral institutions, participation in related organizations, participation in various rule committees, and in other reform initiatives undertaken by international arbitral bodies.

Simply put, the CCIAG is the voice of the users.