What we do

The CCIAG acts both as a platform of communication and as a representative organ for corporate counsels involved in international arbitration.

A platform of communication

We coordinate the exchange of experience and concerns between corporate counsels:

  • through our steering committee: a member wishing to discuss a specific topic with other corporate counsel may contact a member of the steering committee who will help the corporate counsel get in touch with his pairs. The steering committee may direct him/her to one or more members of the same industry, or of a similar position if he so wishes;

  • through our forum : members may make their discussions public to other members on our forum. Upon agreement of the participating members, if the topics that have generated a significant and relevant discussion may be summarized in a report and published on the CCIAG website;

  • through our internal publications.

A representative organ for the users

Users, the clients of arbitral institutions and law firms, are the real deciders in international arbitration. As the voice of the users, corporate counsels can express their views coherently and as one through the CCIAG.

We express the unified position of corporate counsels:

  • through our working groups: we set up regularly working groups where members are asked to discuss a specific topic and provide a report aiming both at evidencing best practices in managing disputes and maintaining the arbitration community aware of what the concerns and the needs of the users are and how they evolve;

  • through our participation in other organizations of stakeholders such as the IMI, ICC France or ICCA .

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