How we operate

The CCIAG is registered as an Association Loi 1901 under French law. It operates in accordance with French law.


Who is in charge?

The CCIAG is governed by a Steering Committee of three to ten members which establishes and directs the operations of the CCIAG. It is comprised of a Chair, a Treasurer, a Secretary and of a Vice President when one is elected.

The steering committee coordinates the exchanges between the members, organizes the events and the collaborations with other stakeholders. The CCIAG is strongly centralized around the steering committee.

Who are the members?

The CCIAG Membership is the spine of the CCIAG. It is made of corporate counsels, some are major figures in international arbitration others are less regularly involved in arbitration; thus we form a unique and complete pool of users which opinion and analysis is essential to the other actors of international arbitration.

What do they do?

The Members are offered to participate in the working groups of the CCIAG, they may replace steering committee members at the UNCITRAL working groups, they are invited to make regular contributions to the Kluwer Arbitration Blog (for more information click here), they may be invited to participate in various events and are recommended to express themselves on our forum.

Confidentiality policy of the CCIAG

The CCIAG has a confidentiality policy about its list of members. It does not divulge the list of its members. The forum of the cciag available on our website is accessible only to members. All posts require the approval of the admin before publication. Our purpose is to give to our members the appropriate space to express themselves freely.

For further information we refer you to our By Laws

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