Steering Committee

The CCIAG is governed by a Steering Committee which sets the goals of the CCIAG, prepares its projects, and coordinates its actions. The Steering Committee maintains the accounts of the CCIAG, and insures the sustainability and efficiency of the CCIAG. The current Chair of the CCIAG is Mr. Tom J. Sikora.

The Steering Committee is elected by the CCIAG membership from among the members. All Steering Committee Members sit on the Committee on a pro bono basis.

Tom J. Sikora, ExxonMobil Corporation

Suzana M. Blades, ConocoPhillips
Vice Chair

Florian Cahn, Framatome

Dr. Angela Koelbl, Siemens Energy

Pierre-Jérôme Abric, Orano

Roland Schroeder, GE




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